James Davis
I want to use and improve my skills as a developer in a supportive environment to produce quality code, resulting in satisfied customers and ultimately (and hopefully), accolades from fellow developers on efficiency and beauty of code. I want to solve difficult problems, and make interactive experiences for users that are intuitive, enjoyable and effective.
Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science
May 2014
Computer Science
3.5 GPA (major specific)
Austin Community College
Associate of Applied Science
May 2009
Human Services - Interpreter Preparation
2016 - Present
  • implemented and optimize our front-end build process, using webpack, and am implementing React in the site where appropriate
  • worked with NMVTIS, a third party, to provide an interface for users to obtain an official vehicle history report through the carsforsale.com website
  • completely implemented the full account and login functionality of the website (from database to browser)
  • write, enhance and debug internal APIs to provide an extra layer between our products and our data, as well as create interfaces for administering, modifying and testing through the API
  • handle releases (and reversions), and communicate changes and release contents to the rest of the team (project management and testing)
  • refactor html and javascript to utilize APIs hosted on a scalable infrastructure, in order to reduce load on carsforsale.com servers, enable client-side rendering and caching, and make relevant content appear first to search engine crawlers
  • maintain and update the highest traffic pages of the carsforsale.com website, including search results, and vehicle details pages, ensuring they load as quickly and efficiently as possible (considering all the ads and metrics tracking logic going on...)
  • maintain web-based administration tools for in-house use as well as for use with some of our customer products
EROS Data Center
2014 - 2016
  • wrote a linter in PHP, with no prior experience in PHP, which ensures code adheres to Zend Formatting Standards and is currently being used in deployment process
  • wrote a crawler which scours the database for metadata on each public USGS dataset, compiles an XML document with the metadata, validates the document using another crawler I wrote on an online validation tool, and uploads the data to sciencebase.gov, a national repository for various types of data managed by the USGS
  • wrote and maintained web applications that assist in the distribution of land science data (EarthExplorer and GlovisNext)
  • maintained and improved the administration tool by fixing bugs, adding functionality to existing modules and creating new modules
  • was tasked with bringing some senior level developers up to speed on current languages and tools used in web application development
Z Video Relay Service
2012 - 2016
  • received multiple commendations from consumers for outstanding customer service
  • was chosen to represent my center in monthly meetings between all centers and the operations manager to discuss and decide on changes, incentive programs and other interaction between centers
  • enabled deaf people to complete phone calls by interpreting between spoken English and American Sign Language; this required quick thinking, superb interpersonal skills, and the ability to glean knowledge on topics from the conversation in order to accurately represent the deaf person's familiarity with the subject at hand
  • understand and interpret topics such as financial, legal, technical, personal and emergency
Freelance Sign Language Interpreter
2012 - 2014
  • had clients specifically request my services, due to the quality and clarity of interpretation, and the level of customer service provided
  • worked on-site with businesses and agencies to provide interpreting services for Deaf individuals in medical, educational, business and employment settings
  • establish contracts with businesses and invoice accordingly for services provided