A fun browser RPG I am making
This is currently on version 2 and still very much in development. It is my flagship personal project. It is THE thing I do for fun, whenever I get fun time on the computer. If something doesn't work, I probably know about it, but feel free to reach out to me, just in case!
A collection of collections of words
I love to learn new things, and much of the time, I enjoy writing as well. This blog is mostly development related, and even more mostly related to my game.
A notepad/scratchpad application
I needed a place to jot things down, quickly. My phone is slow, and I don't want to take precious sd space on a notepad app. Sounds like a personal project, to me!
Celtic Knotwork Doodler
This was a short project. It is simple, and fun to doodle on. Try it. Now!! Do it!!
A counter PWA
I needed a counter to count billiard shots taken, and I wanted to use a service worker and manifest so it would be a legit PWA. Nothing fancy, but it's practical.
An animated SVG Owl
Dragging your finger (or mouse) around the screen seems to be very interesting to this little guy. OR... maybe he just doesn't trust you...
Othello (the game)
I gave myself an afternoon during my 10% time at work. White cheats somehow... // TODO: fix that
A roster helper for my kids' soccer team
Parents all want their kids to have equal playing time. This little app helps. Try to close your browser and come back to it. Your previous actions are saved!